Hi, I am Mike Pelfini, a leadership coach, President and CEO of ForeMeta Coaching.

To be a CEO can be a lonely job with tremendous responsibilities. Every CEO wants to grow their
business, but like everything else, the seed starts from growing your own capacity first. The best
place to plant that seed and nurture its growth is with a trusted and experienced coach.

  • If you desire clarity,
  • if you need support for achieving your vision,
  • and if you are willing to grow to your next level,
  • I guide and prepare you for your breakthroughs.
  • Are you facing challenging decisions or new opportunities?
  • Do you have a leadership habit you want to change?
  • Do you need help achieving your goals?
  • Are you a new CEO?

I inspire executives to be better leaders, who will in turn make better decisions and achieve better results for their companies. I focus on the decision makers, rather than on decision-making, or operational systems and processes.

Together, we build on whatever you have, wherever you are, to get to wherever you want to be.

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Prior to becoming a leadership coach in 2015, as a CEO I guided an organization to become the preferred provider of behavioral health services in California for Kaiser Permanente. Before then, I turned around another company from the brink of bankruptcy.

1-to-1 coaching:

My mentoring approaches are: 1) help leaders get in touch with your true self, 2) identify what is blocking your path, and 3) breakthrough to cross the next threshold of growth.

I know that once you see the possibilities, and change your perspective, you will create a new reality. My work is to precipitate these kinds of transformative changes. This is my ultimate mission and greatest source of joy.

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I also lead peer coaching.

Human connection in COMMUNITY sparks breakthrough moments of transformation. The best place to find this type of dynamic and inspiration is with a group of CEOs just like you. In the greenhouse of an executive peer group, each is supported and empowered on a shared journey for personal and business growth.

Do you want to grow with about 15 CEOs like you, who provide different perspectives and complementary skills, and share rapport with each other?

Since I was a child, I have always loved looking through a kaleidoscope: when turned, a whole different field of vision appears. What fascinates me is the movement from a previously hidden possibility to a new reality. From a teaching career to an accomplished CEO, and now as a leadership coach, I have experienced transformations I never would have thought possible without my mentors’ guidance and support. Now, I spark breakthroughs for business leaders.

To contact me for an initial chat, here my email: or call me: 415 250 4139. Thank you.