I inspire executives to be better leaders, who will in turn make better decisions and achieve better results for their companies. I focus on the decision makers in order to achieve better decision-making.

Together, we build on whatever you have, wherever you are, to get to wherever you want to be.

If you desire clarity, if you need support for achieving your vision, and if you are willing to grow to your next level, I guide and prepare you for your breakthroughs.

  • Are you facing challenging decisions or new opportunities?
  • Do you have a leadership habit you want to change?
  • Do you need help achieving your goals?
  • Are you a new CEO?
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Breakthrough Leadership with 1-to-1 or Peer-to-Peer Coaching

1-to-1 Coaching

1-2-1 connection sparks breakthrough moments of transformation.

My mentoring approaches are:
  • 1) help leaders get in touch with your true self,
  • 2) identify what is blocking your path, and
  • 3) breakthrough to cross the next threshold of growth.

Once you see the possibilities, and change your perspective, you will create a new reality.

My work is to precipitate these kinds of transformative changes. This is my ultimate mission and greatest source of joy.

Peer Coaching

Additionally, I lead executive peer groups.

Peer connection in COMMUNITY also sparks breakthrough moments of transformation. The best place to be inspired by this community dynamic is with a group of CEOs just like you. In the “greenhouse” of an executive peer group, each is supported and empowered by the group on a shared journey for personal and business growth.

Do you want to grow with about 15 CEOs just like you, who provide different perspectives and complementary skills, and share rapport with each other?

What is “ForeMeta”?

“ForeMeta” is a combination of the words “fore” - before, and “metamorphosis” - transformation. As a leadership coach, my job is to facilitate, prepare, and enable YOUR breakthroughs to a higher and more fulfilling level.


  • “Mike knows what makes people tick.”
  • “Great communicator, intuitive insight, engaging, open, deep, big heart.”
  • “Compassionate. High EQ. Intentional.”
  • “Great builder of relationships”.
  • “It is easy to feel comfortable with Mike.”
  • “Authentic. Kind. Loving.”

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