Seeking growth is innate to human nature. If you are asking, “What do I want to achieve? How do I get there?” this desire for growth is all you need to begin our work together. You have already embarked on your journey to grow from your current state to your desired state.

Like rebooting an operating system, I help leaders like you first to upgrade and reboot your mindset, then achieve the changes needed for your next level of growth, either through 1:1 coaching, or in a peer group.

There will be roadblocks on this path towards Metamorphosis.

As long as you are humble, caring, open-minded, and eager to learn, even though you sometimes quietly encounter indecision, self-doubt, isolation, or feeling stuck in some way, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! And you shouldn’t be. I am here for you, and the peer group is here for you. We prepare you (“Fore”) to achieve your breakthrough leadership (“Meta”).

The ForeMeta Way facilitates business leaders’ transformative changes first in themselves, and then in their companies. My mission is to help leaders like you cross your growth-thresholds, so you can transform the businesses you run.

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Why You Need a Coach

We all reach various periods in our lives, a point at the edge of our knowledge, a threshold to cross, into the next iteration of self and our organizations.

The worst enemy for growth is one’s own self-limiting beliefs. These limiting beliefs used to protect you from what was once perceived as threatening, but now have outlived their usefulness, even turned against your better potentials.

We are frequently not aware of these self-limiting beliefs. I bring them to your awareness. Then begins the process of better alignment with who you are and what you want to become. This evolution is best accomplished in partnership with a wise and compassionate coach, who will be your fellow companion, confidant, thought-partner.

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The ForeMeta Way:

Confidentiality | Care | Trust | Challenge | Growth

Listening, with ears, heart, and mind, to hear both the spoken and the unspoken;
Looking for signs for breakthroughs without contriving, forcing, or holding back.
Holding the space, giving yourself and each other the time to reflect and articulate
in a continuous conversation. The process is fluid and unique for each person.
“Holding the space” with an open heart and mind brings the breakthrough home.
Integrity anchors and aligns with intentions and actions.

The “vehicle” for transformative breakthroughs is the give-and-take that happens through exchanging ideas in an open, explorative, confidential, and supportive manner.

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1:1 Coaching

I guide leaders to identify what is preventing you from getting where you want to be. To cross the threshold towards a new possibility, I help you first develop a fondness for the unfamiliar and the unknown, in service of the next version of yourself.

Before the opportunity knocks on the door, I prepare you for the change. You become more aware of your intuitive intelligence. Together we explore your beliefs, filters, experiences that shape the ways you perceive the world, especially where you want to be. As a result, you gain greater rapport with yourself for taking transformative actions.

All you need is to be willing to think about things differently—to adopt a new mindset and try new actions for achieving better results. Expanding an individual leader’s OWN capacity. Fore growth is a prelude to your Metamorphosis.

After aligning the mind with heart intelligence to get in touch with your core values, beliefs and identity, you will feel more decisive and have a clearer idea about how to proceed. You will learn to show up more authentically, with an increased confidence and clarity that contributes to stronger leadership for your organization.

Let’s Connect

  • Breakthroughs happen in community and with human connection.
  • Conversation is the lifeblood of a relationship.
  • Relationships are the lifeblood of a community.
  • Community provides the springboard to evolution and growth.

I nurture peer group dynamics through communication. In a context of openness and trust, your peers can identify your blind spots and your unknowns, in a supportive, caring, and enlightening environment. It’s like 1:1 coaching on steroids. Your peer group is an incubator for growing yourself and your businesses, collectively.

You and your peers help each other evolve and become closer to your authentic selves, which drives the evolution of your companies and your communities.

Your authentic self is best expressed in relationships with others. Like a beautiful rug, each thread is fulfilling its purpose, but in relationship with all others to form a larger pattern.

In contributing to others’ growth and learning, you grow and learn as well.

By reframing your self-limiting beliefs, you and your peers are recharged, rebooted, reprogrammed to move past the old roadblocks and get closer to what you want.

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ForeMeta Peer Groups Provide Space for Breakthrough Leadership

The ForeMeta peer group community is like a magic birthing place for growth and transformation. It is like an incubator for ideas and inspirations that are impossible for anyone to ever get on their own. Group members precipitate each other’s growth with collective wisdom, diverse perspectives and experiences.

In a community, we become better versions of ourselves and make others become better versions of themselves. The environment is agenda-free, supportive, challenging, inspiring, and caring. The only reason for anyone to be here is to help each other, and get helped.

After crossing the threshold to regenerate new growth, we hold each other accountable for maximum achievements.