“You helped me to gain confidence in myself as a CEO – to look inside and realize that I do know a tremendous amount about our company and our industry. As a result, I feel much more comfortable speaking to small and large groups, knowing that I have something of value to share. Mike keeps asking us questions that make us think differently.” – Karen W.

“When our company was in need of direction, Mike dug in and guided our team through a thoughtful and methodical process that resulted in clear goals, objectives and avenues of approach.” – Nicola S.

“As a leader and mentor, Mike is intuitive and warm. He approaches problems by listening and assessing, and then provides constructive insight–you feel supported, and don’t quite realize you’re being nudged outside your comfort zone.” – Nicola S.

“Mike asks us great questions that help us to get closer to the root of the issue we’re trying as a group to help our colleague to solve.” – Chris K.

“Mike is a loving, spiritual, and inspired teacher. Everyone can get insight about themselves with his coaching, and improve their lives and their businesses.” – Joanne T.

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